The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services to Make 2020 the Year of Eating Clean

The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services to Make 2020 the Year of Eating Clean

Jan 13th 2020

Come January, two things are guaranteed: you’re inundated with everyone trying to overhaul their life via a slew of resolutions that are conveniently mega Instagram-friendly, and you’re probably ready to clean up your diet. It’s understandable. After a bender of holiday parties and pretending that calories aren’t a thing, sweatpants season is in full swing as those go-to pair of jeans start to feel a little too tight for casual office wear. The good news is that eating healthy and getting back on the bandwagon doesn’t have to involve hours of meal prep or even navigating the fast-casual options near your office. With more ready-to-eat healthy meal delivery services than ever, you can get your diet in check easier than choosing what Netflix movie to watch on a Saturday night. Here, we dive into healthy meal delivery services, all of which require little-to-no prep and offer eats that are ready in 6 minutes or less. These companies will send ready-to-eat healthy food right to your door. If you're up for actually combining ingredients and cooking yourself, we've also tested and crowned the best meal kit delivery services for every kind of home chef.

The Best Meal Delivery for the Sugar Conscious

The hook: Gluten-free, plant-forward (there’s still plenty of fish/meat on the menu) menu created by top culinary scientists and nutritionists.

Fresh picks: Baha mahi mahi with avocado-lime crema, three-bean ancho turkey chili with cheddar cheese, super pesto sausage fusilli

A la carte available? Yes

Prep time: 3 minutes

Plan highlights: Choose from 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week—this is a number you can change regularly based on your needs.

The Best Meal Delivery for the Picky Eater

The hook: Sustainably sourced, organic, Gluten- and dairy-free menu, which can also be catered to specific allergies or diets like vegan, paleo, ketogenic, and low-carb. Also, customers can exclude up to three additional ingredients from their meals (examples: beans, cilantro, nuts).

Food highlights: Harissa garbanzo bean with sustainable salmon, creamy carbonara pasta with mushrooms, asparagus and squash frittata

A la carte available? Yes

Prep time: 3 minutes

The Best Meal Delivery for Nerding Out on Fun-To-Say Ingredients Like Ashwagandha

The hook: 100 percent plant-based meals and snacks (except the occasional honey and bee pollen add-in) that have been tied to celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Chrissy Teigan. Follow the Sakara plan, which promises boosted energy, improved digestion, reduced bloat, and shedding excess weight, and you too could have glowing skin worthy of paparazzi capture. Also offers specific meal programs for different goals, like total body reset or detox.

Fresh picks: Superfood muffins, anti-inflammatory veggie masala, buckwheat and shaved brussels salad

A la carte available? Yes

Prep time: None

The Best Meal Delivery if You Love Yourself a Smoothie

The hook: Daily Harvest is organic frozen smoothies, oats, bites, soups, lattes, harvest bowls, and more all in a convenient-to-heat container. With the same prep time as other meal options on this list, these ingredients sometimes need additional prep (read: heating on a stove or blending).

Fresh picks: Banana and greens smoothie, butternut squash and chimichurri harvest bowl, hazelnut and chocolate bites, mulberry and dragon fruit oat bowl

A la carte available? No

Prep time: 6 minutes

The Best Meal Delivery for the Oven Inclined

The hook: Vegan, preservative-free meals that arrive frozen, best prepared in an oven or skillet (although microwaving is always an option). Created by a brother-sister duo from Costa Rica, hoping to bring busy people three meals a day for under 1,200 calories total (ish).