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Holiday Shopping Guide for the Best Fitness Apparel Gifts

Holiday Shopping Guide for the Best Fitness Apparel Gifts

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When it comes to fitness apparel gift buying, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, a CrossFitter’s wish list will look much different from that of a yogi or a runner. Considering that the sports apparel industry generates close to $200 billion annually, there are myriad options for every sport, fitness genre and pastime.

Sorting through all the apparel options may seem daunting, but don't be overwhelmed! Our ACTIVE Reviews Team tested the durability, versatility and affordability of dozens of items across a broad spectrum of activities to find the perfect gift for your favorite fitness fanatic.

Our Favorites Fitness Apparel Gifts:

Best Training Shoe - NOBULL Trainer


The NOBULL Trainer is the quintessential cross-training shoe great for running, jumping and lifting weights. Do not let the minimalist design fool you into thinking that these shoes can’t handle everything you can throw at them. The upper portion of NOBULL Trainers are made with SuperFabric, which gives them unmatched durability. The SuperFabric is laid atop a flexible mesh base that allows for breathability.

In addition to the toughness of the NOBULL Trainer, we also really appreciate their versatility. The sole of these trainers were designed with adaptability in mind; they move seamlessly from inside the gym workouts to outside adventures. NOBULL Trainers don’t offer much variety in terms of style or price point, especially given that they're rarely on sale, but they will hold up for a long time.

What We Love:

  • Versatility across all types of exercise
  • Minimalist design and sleek colors allow them to be worn anywhere
  • Highly durable shoe
  • BUY: NOBULL Trainers, $129

    Best Weightlifting Shoe - Nike Savaleos


    For the weightlifter in your life, consider shoes that will keep the foot stable and secure. The Nike Savaleos does both as quite literally the foundation of a lifter’s attire. The strap along the upper portion of the Savaleos keeps the foot in place against the flat and wide base while the midsole has a slight incline at the heel to help transfer power to the proper place on the foot.

    The Nike Savaleos can easily withstand several weightlifting sessions a week. For CrossFitters, the shoe is flexible enough to transition from weightlifting to rowing or biking, but they would not be ideal for jumping or running.

    What We Love:

  • Incredibly affordable compared to other weightlifting shoes
  • Durable enough to withstand years of work
  • Could be worn in some functional fitness workouts
  • BUY: Nike Savaleos, $120

    Best Running Shoe - Nike ZoomX Invincible Run


    The running shoe arena is arguably the most saturated area of fitness apparel. There are running shoes for overpronation, underpronation, long distance, treadmill running, short distance and other specific needs. It's understandable why one may shy away from purchasing these as a gift. However, there is one running shoe, the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run, that hits many specific needs and has an incredibly comfortable overall feel.

    The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run was designed to mimic a rocker. This combined with the foam provides support for the three phases of a runner’s stride: push off, early recovery and mid-to-late recovery. This shoe proves to be strong, durable and breathable for many miles. The hip colorways also allow these to easily pair with jeans or joggers during casual errands or post-run beverages. The price point for the Invincible Run is at the mid to high end, but given the longevity of the soles, they're worth it.

    What We Love:

  • Comfortable for both runs and casual outings
  • Cool colorways
  • Extremely durable for lots of mileage
  • BUY: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run, $180

    Best Leggings (Running/Yoga) - The GYM PEOPLE High-Waist Yoga Pants


    Leggings, in short, are a way of life. They're ubiquitous in the gym and at the grocery store. THE GYM PEOPLE’s high-waist yoga pants have an ultra-stretch fit that offers an excellent combination of thickness and breathability. They provide see-thru protection as they wick sweat away. Plus, these yoga pants have pockets––large ones on the outside legs for phones and wallets and a small one tucked in the tummy-control waist band for holding your keys or credit cards.

    The High-Waist Yoga Pants are made from a natural-feeling nylon, and they stay in place through a variety of movements. The thickness makes them durable and able to withstand hard workouts. The high-waist band is a stylish and slimming feature that allows them to transition seamlessly to all aspects of daily life. Coming in at less than $25, these leggings can be purchased in an assortment of colors to fit a wide array of personalities.

    What We Love:

  • Stylish and slimming
  • They have pockets
  • Incredibly affordable for the quality
  • BUY: The Gym People High-Waist Yoga Pants, $22.99

    Best Weightlifting Gloves - Harbinger Pro Weightlifting Gloves


    If you've ever shaken the callused hands of a weightlifter, you understand how important weightlifting gloves are. Wrapping bare hands around the knurling of a weightlifting barbell day after day can leave the hands crying for help. For paw protection, weightlifting gloves are necessary.

    The palm-padding of the Harbinger Pro Weightlifting Gloves allow hands to stay safe and soft—even when lifting heavy—while the intensive stitching gives these gloves unparalleled longevity. Furthermore, the integrated wrist wraps provide stability for pushing and pulling weights.

    What We Love:

  • Built-in wrist stability
  • Breathability
  • Versatility for transitions between exercises
  • BUY: Harbinger Pro Weightlifting Gloves, $24.99

    Best Men’s Shorts - Hylete Verge III Shorts


    The gym short-wearing crowd spoke, and Hylete listened by delivering the Hylete Verge III Shorts. With a slimmer leg-opening and four different lengths, these shorts stylish, and the built-in gusset, four pockets and quick-drying and lightweight material make them extremely functional, too.

    The Verge III are antimicrobial treated, meaning they can endure sweat session after sweat session and still smell sweet. Hylete is confident in its products, so it offers a full refund within 60 days if the purchaser is not completely satisfied with the quality or performance of the Verge III. We know the price is a little steep, but these shorts are built to last.

    What We Love:

  • Multiple length options
  • High quality shorts
  • Antimicrobial treated
  • BUY: Hylete Verge III Shorts, $74

    Best Women’s Shorts - Reebok Workout Ready High-Waisted Shorts


    The Reebok Workout Ready Shorts are all-encompassing. They can be used for almost any workout, and the retro, high-waisted design coupled with the contrasting piping makes them stylish as well as functional. The drawcord and elastic waist helps keep these shorts in place no matter what kind of workout you’re doing.

    The Workout Ready Shorts come in three color combinations, and at $25 you could gift multiple pairs without breaking the bank. The only complaint we have about them is that they lack pockets.

    What We Love:

  • High waist for maximum coverage
  • Super stylish
  • Extremely affordable workout option
  • BUY: Reebok Workout Ready High-Waisted Shorts, $25

    Best Workout Socks - Stance Franchise Crew Socks


    Why do socks get so much gift grief? Can’t we all agree that socks are awesome gifts? And when it comes to workouts, socks are the unsung heroes.

    Stance does socks well. It offers a variety of lengths and fabrics, but we don’t think you can go wrong with the Franchise Crew Socks. These socks come in a classic height, and the calf stripes give them a throwback feel. The performance cushioning combines impact protection with comfort while the secure elastic keeps them in place during even the most intense workouts. Plus, the seamless toe closure cuts down on friction from shoes, keeping your toes covered for a long time.

    What We Love:

  • Unique, fun designs
  • Great for workouts and also casual wear
  • Breathable, high-quality material
  • BUY: Stance Franchise Crew Socks (3-Pack), $44.99

    Best Joggers - Under Armour Hustle Fleece Joggers


    One of the best parts of the weather turning colder is being able to slip on your favorite joggers. The ones we find ourselves reaching for again and again are the Under Armour Hustle Fleece Joggers. The lightweight cotton-blend fleece feels like leg hugs, and the tapered design and ribbed cuffs make them stylish enough to take from the gym to the hottest brunch spot.

    The quality that Under Armour is known for shows through in these joggers. The Hustle Fleece Joggers are nicely priced at around $45.

    What We Love:

  • Priced competitively
  • Great for in the gym or casual wear
  • Lightweight feel
  • BUY: Under Armour Hustle Fleece Joggers, $45

    Best Graphic Shirts - Actizio Sweat Activated


    Although working out is an important aspect of keeping our mind and body healthy, it's crucial to remember to have a little fun while you perspire. The Actizio Sweat Activated tanks and tees are the perfect way to do that. When you are nice and dry, these shirts display a partial message, but after soaking them down in sweat, its entirety becomes apparent.

    These shirts are made from soft, breathable and hypoallergenic materials. Not only are the quotes motivational, but the price is too. These will be a big hit for all of those who take their workouts more seriously than they take themselves.

    What We Love:

  • Fun, playful messaging
  • Breathable material
  • Affordable
  • BUY: Actizio Sweat Activated Tank, $26.97; Sweat Activated Shirt, $26.97